World Bank lends Dominica $13 million to upgrade air services

The Commonwealth of Dominica received a $13 million soft loan from the World Bank. The goal is to improve regional air traffic and improve airport infrastructure. For a long time, the country has had plans to open its first international airport, for which the money received from the Citizenship by Investment program is allocated every month.

“In Dominica, the project aims to improve the safety and preparedness of airports for natural disasters, as well as to strengthen the capacity of agencies involved in air travel and investment planning at airports,” the World Bank press release issued May 28 is quoted as saying. “Navigation and safety equipment will be improved, which will allow for an emergency landing in the event of natural disasters and increase capabilities in the areas of air traffic control, wildlife management, airport management, and planning,” the source said.

Dominica is one of the four Caribbean countries that received money from the World Bank (along with Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Haiti). According to the agreement, Dominica must repay the loan within 40 years, and the bank also gave a ten-year grace period.

World Bank Caribbean Director said these financial projects will also support the islands during the recovery phase of the pandemic. Moreover, he believes that this increases the “overall resilience of key junctions in the eastern Caribbean.”

As for tourism in Dominica, the country takes a different approach, focusing on ecotourism, as well as on the quality of visitors, rather than quantity.

Source: prnewswire

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