Windstar Plans To Relaunch Caribbean Cruises

Great news for those who cannot imagine themselves without cruise travel. Windstar announced this week that it will resume its operations in the Caribbean. A prerequisite for getting on board will be the vaccine made.


“Looking at the science behind the virus, we see consistent recommendations for wearing masks, social distancing, testing, and enhanced cleaning.  In response, Windstar developed a new Beyond Ordinary Care program, which is a multi-layered strategy with key hospital-grade elements: HEPA filters and UV-C germicidal irradiation to filter and disinfect the air, plus backpack sprayers to sanitize all surfaces throughout our yachts," said Andrew Todd, CEO of Windstar and parent company Xanterra Travel Collection.


The first cruise in the Caribbean will begin on June 19. The next Caribbean cruise will take place on November 3 on the Star Pride cruise ship.


While many cruise ships have started operations at homeports in the Caribbean, such as Crystal Cruises in Nassau, Windstar has yet to announce where the Caribbean cruises will be sailing.



Source: caribjournal

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