Why Do Investors Choose Portuguese Golden Visa Program?

The Golden Visa is a special Portugal program designed to attract foreign investment. Portugal attracts not only with its beaches but also with its rich history and architecture. It is a country with a high human development index and has one of the highest quality of life indicators in the world.

Why do investors choose Portugal?

They are attracted by:

  • Straightforward and flexible investment requirements

  • Extremely low minimum stay requirements - 7 days first year and 14 days following periods of 2 years

  • Possibility of Permanent Residency after 5 years and nationality after 6 years

  • No limitations on ownership of the selected investment

  • Residency applications quickly processed

  • Fully extensible to family members (with no further investment requirements)

  • Freedom to travel to all European countries members of the Schengen area

  • No limitation on subsequent investments or employment opportunities

  • Very limited number of documents required

  • Access to all Portuguese Public Services, including health and education

Investment opportunities are especially worth noting because they are wide enough and the investor can choose the most attractive option for him(her)self.

If we take the most popular option - investing in real estate, then the investor needs to purchase one or more real estate objects worth 500,000 euros or more. Real estate can also be purchased for joint ownership, however, in this option, each co-owner must invest more than 500,000 euros.


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