When will the Caribbean be open to tourists?

The island states of the Caribbean often attract tourists with its sunny beaches, turquoise waters, and unique culture. Separately they are very attractive to those who are going to obtain citizenship by investment. Among all existing programs the Caribbean is the most accessible.

In recent months, we often received questions about when the countries would be open to fly in and spend an unforgettable time.

The good news is very soon. Just wait a few weeks and you can pack your bags!

Antigua and Barbuda

Last week tourism Minister Charles Fernandez said the nearest plane would fly to the island on June 4th from Miami. This is the first plane in 10 weeks that the country will receive. The next flight will be in mid-June and then in July.

Tourism officials have worked hard to open borders and make tourism safe on the island.


According to the plan of Grenada, the borders will be opened next month (in June).

According to the Prime Minister of Grenada, "the country is ready to begin gradually relaxing the restrictions for travel as the pandemic in the region has been largely contained. Governments, airlines, and hotels are now finalizing the details of this phased re-opening. Assuming that the requisite protocols are in place, we expect to open our borders in the first week of June. We will not move unless we are satisfied that adequate health and safety guidelines are in place."

Saint Lucia

The island (like the previous two) is going to open for tourism in June. To be more precise, June 4th. According to the Minister of Tourism, “COVID-19 has kept us apart for too long. What a devastating few month we’ve had as a destination and as travelers. There is good news however as we are getting ready to host you again. Our people, our beaches, and our mountains await you in all of their splendor. Now, the way we used to vibe will change just a little bit with responsible tourism and heightened protocols. There’s still going to be plenty of fun in the sun.”

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