UAE Will Provide Residence Permits For Outstanding Students And Their Families

Outstanding high school graduates with a 95% GPA are eligible for the 10-year residency program with their families.

“The Golden residency is granted to outstanding students who have obtained an average rate of at least 95 percent in their high school certificate from public or private schools, as well as to university students from inside or outside the country who have a cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of no less than 3.75 (or its equivalent) in specific scientific disciplines. The visa will also include the students’ families.” - write gulfnews.

This step became possible thanks to the new direction of the state to attract talented foreigners to the country. An attractive and inspiring environment for talented people is being created under the guidance of the UAE government.

If you are considering options for obtaining a residence, then now there are attractive residency by investment programs.


Source: gulfnews

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