UAE Attracts High-Tech Entrepreneurs With Golden Visas

High-tech entrepreneurs can now obtain a UAE Golden Visa. To do this, they must own a successful project with a minimum value of AED 500,000 (around US$136,000) to be eligible for the program. The Hub71 Technology Ecosystem has been selected by the Abu Dhabi Resident Office, a division of the emirate's Department of Economic Development, to support outstanding technology talent for the Entrepreneur Golden Visa program in the UAE capital.


“We are calling on change-makers within our community, locally and globally, with bright ideas and a bold vision to advance sectors of national importance and make a positive difference to our society, embracing the growth opportunities the UAE presents,” said Ibrahim Ajami, Interim CEO of Hub71 and Head of Venture Capital and Development at Mubadala Investment Company.


Advanced industries and entrepreneurship are a priority for the UAE, laid down in the UAE's Centennial Plan 2071. Hub71 itself was created in 2019 to grow the startup ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.


After obtaining a golden visa, foreign entrepreneurs have the opportunity to work and live in the UAE for five years. The visa also applies to spouses, children, and up to three executive directors, which allows them to live, work and study in the UAE without a national sponsor.


"The technology ecosystem has positioned the emirate as an innovation center and attracted start-ups in sectors that are crucial to the country’s growth, such as agriculture, technology, health care, and renewable energy." - write thenationalnews.


Recently, the UAE has been attracting more and more talents to develop the country's economy. However, this is not the only country that offers foreigners to obtain a residence permit.




Source: thenationalnews

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