Two Projects Were Approved By The US Immigration Fund For The EB-5 Project 1568 Broadway

The US Immigration Fund has announced the long-awaited approval of the 1568 Broadway project I-924 in New York. The first approvals for its I-526 investors were also received.

The US Immigration Fund announced that after a long wait, the USCIS has officially ruled that the 1568 Broadway project meets the requirements of the EB-5 Investor Visa program. Thus, the project I-924 received approval, and the resulting certificate complements the list of unique qualities that define the project on Broadway. In addition to this, investors and their families have begun to receive conditional approvals for the I-526 green card.

"We are pleased to announce this important milestone for 1568 Broadway", said Nicholas A. Mastroianni III, President of USIF. He continued, "Due to the large volume of applicants that filed under the EB-5 Program this has taken much longer than expected, however, now we expect to see many more approved I-526 petitions for our investors over the coming weeks and months, and we look forward to all of the subsequent success stories for them and their families".

1568 Broadway (or "TSX") is a modern mixed-use project located in the heart of New York's most coveted neighborhood. Its special difference is the LED billboard integrated into the building façade, which has no analogs. This screen will be more than just ad space. The platform will extend outside the building to form the first permanent open-air stage in Times Square.

The US Immigration Fund provides foreign investors and their families with excellent opportunities to obtain permanent US residency under the EB-5 program. Every year the US government allocates 10,000 visas for foreigners investing under the Program.

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