Turkish Property Market Grows 819% Due To Migration

Turkey has become quite a popular destination for HNW, especially its citizenship by investment program. Such a jump in real estate has led to the fact that prices have risen sharply (in some areas, the value jumps by 57% on an annual basis).


“In June of last year, cumulative naturalization under Turkey’s citizenship by investment program totalled just 981 main applicants and 2,766 dependents. As of June 2020, this total has increased by 819% to 9,011 main applicants and 25,411 dependents,” ceoworld writes.


What attracts foreign investors?


  1. Extensive visa-free travel to 111 countries

  2. Quick processing 3-6 months

  3. Inclusion of spouse and dependent children under 18 years

  4. No residence requirements

  5. Turkey support dual citizenship

  6. Citizenship is valid for life and can be passed on to the future generations

  7. It is not required to declare your wealth

  8. You can purchase any property you want in Turkey - no government restriction

  9. If you purchase your property in US Dollars by wire then there is 0% VAT applicable

  10. You will be issued with Turkish ID

  11. Full medical assistance at no cost for life for you and your family members

  12. Free education and university reimbursement plans


Turkey offers various investment options. For example, in addition to buying real estate, a foreign investor can invest his money in stocks, government bonds, or open a company.




As for the real estate market, over the past year, housing prices have increased by 36% and averaged 15% over the past three years.


“Antalya has seen the largest growth, with real estate up 57% on an annual basis, while Izmir, Gaziantep and Diyarbakir have also seen a notable jump of 39%. Although Bursa has seen the lowest annual increase, real estate values have still climbed 24% annually,” says ceoworld.

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