Since 1994 Nevis has emerged as a premier international trust jurisdiction offering the user simplicity and flexibility within a sophisticated and business-friendly regulatory environment. 

The Nevis International Exempt Trust

  • More than 25 years of financial services experience backed up by centuries of Common Law.

  • Ordinance allows for many different formats including charitable and non-charitable trusts, spendthrift, protective, asset protection and family office trusts.

  • Trusts may be used as investment vehicles.

  • No need for the trust deed to be registered. Statutory confidentiality.

  • No requirement for filing of accounts or annual returns.

  • Absolutely no tax on profits, income, dividends or capital gains provided trust property does not include Nevis real property.

  • At least one trustee must be a Nevis incorporated entity or individual. This may be a professional trustee such as NTL Trust or a privately-incorporated special purpose vehicle.

  • A protector may be privately appointed and given overriding power.

  • A settlor may also be beneficiary with no loss of protection.

  • The Statute of Elizabeth does not apply to a Nevis Trust; therefore, transfer of property may not be voided with respect future unknown creditors.

  • A creditor seeking to void a trust must file action in Nevis and must post a substantial bond before commencing action. An elevated standard of proof is required.

  • Foreign judgements are not applicable against Nevis Trusts.

  • Two year statute of limitations on fraudulent transfer claims.

Overall, Nevis compares very favorably to comparable trust jurisdictions. The client has substantial leeway in designing the trust and professional assistance is readily available. Most importantly, the law provides a cast-iron guarantee that the settlor's wishes will be followed. 

NTL Trust offers professional trustee services and can assist with all aspects of trust administration and asset management. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our offices for an initial discussion.