Travel + Leisure Praises Saint Kitts and Nevis Health And Safety Protocols

Travel + Leisure has recognized the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis for its robust health and safety travel protocols, setting the country apart as a model for other destinations. The country is very effective in coping with the coronavirus, containing it with all its might. Saint Kitts and Nevis has developed a special structure to encourage travel while keeping the country and visitors safe.


“The Federation of St Kitts and Nevis has done exceedingly well in the fight against COVID-19, and we are grateful that to date, we have had no major hospitalisations nor deaths from the virus. As you move towards the full reopening sometime in October, we can expect the virus to return and re-enter our communities,” said Dr. Cameron Wilkinson, Medical Chief of Staff at JNF General Hospital. The difference now compared to the early days in the fight is that we have a vaccine available that can protect us," he added.


The full opening of the islands is scheduled for October 2021, according to Prime Minister Timothy Harris.


Those looking to make their stay in Saint Kitts and Nevis permanent can do so by participating in the Citizenship by Investment Program. Successful candidates have the opportunity to travel without a visa to 160 countries of the world, work, live and study in the country.


This is a limited-time offer.


- a family of 4 US$150k

- main applicant + spouse: US$150k

- additional contribution for each dependent US$10k

Dependent unmarried childless brother/sister <30 yo of the MA US$20k

Offer only applies to citizenship acquisition through investment in the Sustainable Growth Fund.

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Source: wfmz

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