Top European Cities For Quality Of Life

Express Travel has identified the best cities in Europe for quality of life that can be considered for relocation. Interestingly, the city with the best quality of life is not always on the list of travelers.


“Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was shown to provide residents the best quality of life, according to a study by apartment rental brand Essential Living.” - writes express.


Each city was assessed according to different parameters and assigned points. It took into account: air quality, quality of life, pollution, life expectancy, and green space.


Despite showing low pollution, low cost of living, and low crime, Tallinn is the least green city in Europe.


The second best city in Europe in terms of quality of life is Bucharest in Romania.


Next comes Lisbon, which, interestingly, came in last on the Essential Living pollution index.


Ranking of the best European cities for quality of life


  1. Tallinn

  2. Bucharest

  3. Lisbon

  4. Dublin

  5. Prague

  6. Reykjavik

  7. Paris

  8. Central London

  9. Helsinki

  10. Zurich

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