Top 5 Most Beautiful Passports In The World

On the one hand, a passport is a legal document that allows its holder to travel to other countries. However, some countries have been quite creative in creating it and depicted landscapes and attractions. In some passports, you can see the cultural heritage of the country and how the nation wants to present itself to the world. We have collected 5 passports that we especially liked:


Canadian passport


A Canadian passport is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It is worth turning on the UV light - the pictures are transformed and the images become colorful

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Australian passport


On its pages, you can find pictures of flora and fauna, and on a separate page even safety information

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Norwegian passport


A calm and modern cover design in pastel shades along with illustrations of landscapes inside. And if you look at the pages of your passport under ultraviolet light, you will see holographic images of the night sky and the northern lights.

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Chinese passport


On the pages of a Chinese passport, you can find images of "traveling along the Great Wall of China." When the UV lamp is turned on, three-dimensional images appear on spreads.

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Finnish passport


Have you ever seen a moose walking on the pages of your passport? This is how it was in the Finnish passport. However, the design was subsequently replaced with scenes from Lapland and other winter symbols.


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