To Obtain Greek Citizenship, Foreigners Will Have To Take An Exam

In May 2021, the first exams for foreigners who want to obtain Greek citizenship will take place. As soon as the bill is approved in parliament, foreign citizens will have to show sufficient knowledge of the Greek language, as well as knowledge in the following areas:

  • geography;

  • history;

  • culture;

  • politics.

The Greek Ministry of the Interior will set up two committees in the near future. One will have 11 people in charge of organizing and administering the tests. In the second, there will be a group of seven educators who will compose 300 questions in history and geography and 100 questions related to language.

"A key goal of the new law is to accelerate the current process of issuing citizenship, as interviews with candidates who submitted applications in 2015 and 2016 are still pending."

Source: ekathimerini

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