To Obtain Cypriot Citizenship Through Naturalization You Need To Know Greek

Nicos Nouris, Minister of the Interior of Cyprus, has submitted a bill on the naturalization of foreigners to parliament. Basic knowledge of the Greek language, culture, and history of Cyprus - new requirements for those who are about to obtain citizenship.


As the Ministry of the Interior points out in an explanatory note to the draft law, the proposed law aims to provide a systematic way of considering naturalization applications, specifying qualification requirements and their clarity, as well as establishing objective criteria for their assessment.


According to the Naturalization Bill, applicants for Cypriot citizenship


Must have lived in Cyprus for at least 12 months without a break before applying.

Are required to acquire seven years of legal residence in Cyprus within the 10 years preceding the above mentioned 12 month period. The 7-year period will not include residence in Cyprus as an applicant for refugee or humanitarian status, as well as years of residence on a student visa.

Have no criminal record. Arrive at the island through the official ports and airports of the Republic of Cyprus. Live in the country legally. Do not pose a threat to public safety and health.

Know Greek at level B1.

Have a basic knowledge of contemporary politics and social life in the Republic of Cyprus. Demonstration of knowledge will need to be at an interview with commission members from the ministries of education, internal affairs and justice.

Have decent housing and a stable income that does not imply seeking financial assistance from the social services of the Republic of Cyprus.



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