The UK opens the possibility for EU citizens to obtain a Tier 1 visa from 2021

The new immigration system that introduces the UK government will be score-based and will work from January 2021.

The most important change that will be made to the immigration system is the opening of a visa route for Tier 1 for EU citizens. This will be possible after December 31, 2020, when the Brexit transition period ends.

“Short-term work visas in specific sectors (the current ‘Tier 5’) and investor, business development and talent visas (the current ‘Tier 1’) will be opened up to EU citizens.”, said a statement from UK Government.

The current system allows applicants to be accepted only from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. This will change from 2021.

It is expected to increase the number of applications for visas for investors in the UK from EU citizens.

Since 2019, the UK Home Office has introduced visas for start-ups and innovators that have replaced entrepreneur visas. These types of visas will also be available to EU citizens from 2021.

The Tier 1 Investor Visa Program, also called the Golden Ticket, is one of the most popular immigration programs in the world for wealthy investors and their families. It is necessary to invest 2 million pounds and seek settlement after 5 years. An investor can get permanent residence 2 years earlier if one of the two conditions is met: hiring at least 10 employees in a staff or officially registered an annual turnover of the company is more than 5 million pounds.

This program is considered one of the fastest among gold visa programs: decisions are made in less than 3 weeks, and entry clearance is issued for 40 months.