The Government of Grenada has launched a web portal for all public services

Last Thursday, December 19, they officially announced the launch of the portal, on which anyone can access various services online. Now, to contact government services, just fill out the form.

“This is the first level of accessing government services electronically,” said Findley Jeffery, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology which falls under the Office of the Prime Minister. “It will be accessible for any electronic device…it is bringing the government to the palm of the hands,” Jeffery advised.

The new government portal updates the existing web page of the Government of Grenada and integrates everything related to public services.

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“The new portal contains a window for all government ministries and departments. We remember in the past that if you have to go visit finance, you have a website for finance, you have a website for ministry of trade, for the ministry of health; this is no more, all of government will be on one site,” Jeffery said during the launching ceremony.

Describing the launch of the web portal as a momentous day, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell said that creating the site is a very important step for all of Grenada in the era of digital transformation.

“We are definitely in the midst of what is referred to as the fourth industrial revolution where ICT is recognized as the key enabler to advance the prospect for sustainable development,” said the Prime Minister.

In order to access information or services on the portal, you will need to register: as a citizen or visitor. After registration, an email will come with instructions.

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