Secret Bay Resort Shows Strong Sales In Dominica

To obtain Dominica citizenship, a foreign investor has several options for investment: in Economic Diversification Fund or Real Estate. Secret Bay, a government-approved resort, has achieved the highest sales in the country.


Secret Bay Residences, the island's award-winning resort, locates on a cliff-top with fantastic Caribbean Sea views.


The desire of foreign investors to acquire second citizenship in Dominica through the acquisition of real estate led to the fact that the residences were sold at the first stage, and the second half sold. Foreign investors are also attracted by the fact that the resort offers a competitive exit strategy.


“This is a significant milestone for The Residences at Secret Bay, endorsing our vision and further validating The Residences as a premier investment opportunity both regionally and globally,” said Gregor Nassief, proprietor, and CEO of Secret Bay.


Dominica is known as the "Natural Island of the Caribbean" and the country has seen an influx of international hoteliers lately. Nature, ecological principles, and culture have brought Marriott, Hilton, and Kempsinki to the island, which operates under the island's CBI program.




“The events of 2020 have further bolstered demand for citizenship by investment, as CBI buyers seek a desire for personal freedom and a sound investment,” Nassief said.


People are looking for a safe Plan B that can protect their families and their assets. With the help of citizenship and a passport of Dominica, a foreign investor has the opportunity to travel to more than 140 countries without visas, pass on citizenship from generation to generation and conduct business in a stable democracy.


Source: prnewswire

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