Saint Lucia Appoints new Citizenship by Investment CEO

Mr. Mc Claude Emmanuel has been appointed by the Citizenship by Investment Board as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Citizenship by Investment Unit. He took office on March 1, 2022.


Mc Claude received a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the University of the West Indies and an MBA (Marketing) from King Graduate School. He is also a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Marketing Business Professional.


“Prior to his current appointment, his former roles included Human Resources Project Officer of the St. Lucia Electricity Services Ltd; General Manager of Radio St. Lucia Company Ltd.; General Manager of McDowell Broadcasting Ltd; Marketing Manager of Cable & Wireless (St. Lucia) and most recently, Mobile Lead of Cable & Wireless (St. Lucia).


With a decade of leadership experience in marketing, strategic management, operations management and economic and financial analysis, Mc Claude brings pivotal skills and a wealth of experience necessary to innovate and enhance CIP Saint Lucia to achieve even greater success” - write cipsaintlucia.


Mc Claude will be responsible for the overall administration of the 15 CIU members and oversee the citizenship by investment program to ensure its independence and integrity.


Saint Lucia's citizenship by investment program was founded in 2015. Since 2016, the country has started accepting applications from foreign investors and offering them the following benefits:


  • A St. Lucia passport allows visa-free travel to more than 145 countries, including the UK, EU, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

  • Applications are processed within 3-6 months of the application being accepted for processing by the Citizenship by Investment Unit.

  • St. Lucia imposes no tax on worldwide income.

  • The CIP may include in the application: parents under 65, as well as mentally or physically challenged dependent children and/or parents.

  • There is no requirement to visit St. Lucia in order to qualify for citizenship, although all applicants are subject to a strict background check.

  • The CIP offers a variety of investment opportunities.



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Source: cipsaintlucia

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