Saint Kitts and Nevis Welcomes Cruise Ships Again

Saint Kitts and Nevis - a famous port for its tours and experiences, will host 1,400 Celebrity Equinox passengers on 14 September.

The port call by Celebrity Equinox, which is part of its parent company Royal Caribbean Group, will be the first Royal Caribbean Group entry to the island since the outbreak of the pandemic, said Lindsay Grant, Minister of Tourism, Transport and Ports.

Another Celebrity Equinox will return to the port of Zante in early October.

The Port of Zante, funded by the Citizenship by Investment Program, has been awarded the honorary status of Marquee Port for two consecutive years (before the pandemic). It is one of the few ports in the eastern Caribbean that can host some of the world's most famous cruise ships (e.g. Carnival Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and P&O Cruises).

According to the minister, the citizenship by investment program has played a key role in supporting the economy during the pandemic.

Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment program is one of the oldest in the industry. Thanks to CBI, the country's economy and infrastructure are being developed.

The investor has several investment options: buy government-approved real estate or make a donation to a government fund.


There is a special offer until the end of the year!

- a family of 4 US$ 150k

- main applicant + spouse: US$ 150k 

- additional contribution for each dependent US$ 10k

Dependent unmarried childless brother/sister <30 yo of the MA US$ 20k

Offer only applies to citizenship acquisition through investment in the Sustainable Growth Fund.

Source: prnewswire

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