Saint Kitts and Nevis Invites Crypto Investors To Acquire Citizenship by Investment

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a small Caribbean country with a citizenship by investment program since 1984. The Federation keeps up with the times and world trends. Therefore, crypto investors can acquire citizenship and a passport by investing in cryptocurrency.

The Caribbean has long seen a trend with cryptocurrency investments. Most choose this way to diversify their investment portfolio since cryptocurrency is an unstable investment and it is reasonable to fix some profit for a long time.

Is it legal?

Yes, cryptocurrency investments are completely legal. This is confirmed by the special Bill on Virtual Assets. The amendment to the law makes the crypto-asset market more competitive. Saint Kitts and Nevis has streamlined the exchange, storage, and management of virtual assets and fiat currencies.

NTL Trust has successfully filed numerous cryptocurrency citizenship applications not only in Saint Kitts and Nevis but also in the rest of the Caribbean countries offering citizenship by investment programs.

It is important to understand that Citizenship by investment is not your typical crypto transaction. The main compliance issues with crypto involve the on and off ramps into fiat and the need for high-velocity transactions.

With citizenship by investment, there is a significant manual element to the due diligence process, which can take some weeks. From our point of view (and our regulators agree), this reduces risks and allows us to review every case on its merits. If necessary, a specialist forensic investigator of crypto transactions will check the data provided.

If you are just choosing a country to acquire citizenship through cryptocurrency, then definitely take a look at Saint Kitts and Nevis. Thanks to its open policy, asset protection laws, passport reliability and banking system, the country is confidently becoming a crypto hub.

Hurry up to take advantage of a special limited-time offer!

- a family of 4 US$ 150k

- main applicant + spouse: US$ 150k 

- additional contribution for each dependent US$ 10k

Dependent unmarried childless brother/sister <30 yo of the MA US$ 20k

Offer only applies to citizenship acquisition through investment in the Sustainable Growth Fund.


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