Russian Citizenship by Investment Program will not be implemented

The Kremlin recently published a plan for migration reform. The main change is the simplification of migration regimes and procedures. What else has changed:

A residence permit is the main status that will allow applying for Russian citizenship. In order to receive it, the applicant must register in the state information system, reside in the territory of the Russian Federation, comply with the laws of the country, have no serious illnesses and “usually know the Russian language”.

The institution of a temporary residence permit will no longer exist.

The applicant will have 3 options to obtain Russian citizenship: special, general and simplified. The simplified regime applies to citizens from countries "close to us in a sociocultural sense", with "the presence of positive social ties in the Russian Federation, vulnerability, etc.". However, the general rules for obtaining citizenship apply to such applicants: they must know the Russian language and not have “social conflict situations during the stay in Russia”.

Russian Citizenship by Investment Program will not exist.

A single long-term stay regime (over 90 days) will work without obtaining a residence permit or citizenship. First of all, for citizens of the EAEU countries with visa-free entry. To do this, the applicant will need an account in the state information system, a Russian biometric document and confirmation of no dangerous diseases.

The main grounds for an unlimited stay in the Russian Federation: education, work, treatment or other causes.

For migrants, the government can create a “loyalty agreement” with conditions, violation of which will result in expulsion.

“Law-abidingness and regular payment of tax and other obligatory payments are necessary and sufficient conditions for a foreign citizen to retain the right to stay and carry out labor activities in the territory of the Russian Federation.”

The officials were tasked with attracting as many people as possible in connection with increased Russian immigration. As countries where you can attract more people to consider Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, and Ukraine.

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