Russia is going to cancel the restriction of dual citizenship and simplify the passport obtaining

Foreigners who like a Russian passport, but would not want to renounce their current citizenship, can catch luck. The government is ready to abandon its longstanding dual citizenship restrictions.

First of all, Russia considers the "fraternal countries" (Belarus, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics). Thus, the country wants to help these countries, as well as continue its policy of supporting economic growth and population growth.

Residents of these countries may have thought about moving to Russia, but the prospect of losing the opportunity to return home pushed them away. Especially if there is a family in their home country, real estate...

Earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin personally called for the abolition of the Russian language test for citizens of Belarus and Ukraine. He introduced a simplified process for residents of the Ukrainian separatist Donbass in 2019.

“We want this issue to be resolved at the spring [parliament] session so that everyone can become Russian citizens,” Deputy State Duma Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy told Kommersant. “Therefore, what will Russia do? It [Russia] will protect its citizens.”

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The President of the Russian Federation has repeatedly appealed to the government to take measures to reduce the wave of depopulation. It was instructed to attract as many new citizens as possible to Russia.

The authors of the bill hope that the organization’s proposals, including the dual citizenship amendment, will help to attract from five to ten million new citizens of Russia, mainly from the Russian-speaking population of post-Soviet states.

Communist Party deputy Leonid Kalashnikov told Kommersant that the law on dual citizenship is “revolutionary,” and told the newspaper that “it will be submitted to the State Duma in February.”

The bill has not yet been completed, and legislation is likely to be adopted within the next few months.

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