Russia Developing An Analogue Of "Golden Visas"

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has offered to issue a residence permit to foreigners in exchange for investment. In order to obtain a residence permit in a simplified manner, an investor must fulfill one of the following conditions:


  • Own a Russian company by investing at least 15 million rubles in its capital. You can also own a foreign organization, but then you need to make an investment of 50 million. The company must work for at least three years.

  • Invest 15 million rubles in a Russian business (not necessarily becoming its shareholder). The company, however, must also exist for at least three years, pay at least 6 million rubles in taxes and employ at least 25 people.

  • Open an individual entrepreneur, having invested 10 million in the business and hiring 10 Russians.

  • Own Russian government bonds or real estate worth 30 million rubles for three years before applying for a residence permit.


Such measures will contribute to "accelerated technological renewal and development of the Russian economy and the creation of high-performance jobs with decent wages," the document says," writes Izvestiya.


What will a residence permit give to a foreigner?

  • First, a policy of compulsory medical insurance (CMI) and the opportunity to use all social services available to citizens of the Russian Federation.

  • Secondly, the tax base is identical to the Russians.

  • Thirdly, the residence permit allows you to enter any country with which the Russian Federation has a visa-free regime.


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