Romania Introduces Visa For Digital Nomads

The Romanian government has recently allowed foreign nationals to obtain a six-month digital nomad visa. With this visa, a foreigner has the opportunity to live and work remotely from Romania.


In order to obtain this visa, a foreigner must meet certain criteria:


  • Activities are carried out abroad. A foreigner can be employed abroad or own a company that is registered abroad for at least three years prior to applying. 

  • There must be sufficient funds in the account. The applicant will need to show sufficient monthly financial means, approximately three times the average gross salary (that is 18,285 RON or about 4,200 US dollars).


Such a visa will be issued for six months, and in the future, it can be extended if the foreigner continues to meet all the criteria. It is not yet clear if there is a maximum for an extension.


The decision to introduce a digital visa was due to the fact that Romania has been a supplier of labor to the EU for quite a long time, so there is currently a shortage of personnel. Plus, the introduction of such a visa, as planned by the state, will support the country's economic growth and redistribute migration flows.


Many countries during the pandemic came to the need to create a special visa for remote workers, as now many workers are not tied to the workplace. And this type of visa is interesting for many foreigners.


Another option that foreigners are interested in is a residency by investment. Through investment in the country, the possibility of obtaining residency opens up.



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Source: fragomen

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