Remote Work From Home Changes The Rules Of The Game In The Travel Business

The events of 2020 have affected not only the idea of work: you can work from home and not go to the office, but also an image of traveling. A more loyal corporate policy towards employees allows many employees to travel at any time, even during the working week.


This prompted many hotels to revise the list of services provided and prepare special offers for those who combine work and leisure. There is even a special term “bleisure” for such trips.


According to Deloitte research for 2022, people who are going to combine work and leisure are also going to travel more. In addition, such travelers add extra days to their trips, which is beneficial for the industry.


Also according to research by Deloitte, travelers working from home have improved their financial situation during the pandemic and can increase travel budgets, and therefore spend more.


In this scenario, hotels and tourist destinations also remain in the black, as they become less dependent on peak periods that are considered convenient times for travel (for example, school holidays). At the same time, hotels and accommodation providers must adapt to new realities and meet their needs.


For example, creating a membership program with discounts on food and drinks and a fixed cost per night for those who are willing to stay for a month.


There is also a disadvantage in such trips, namely the mixing of work and leisure, which prevents complete disconnection and relaxation.


Nomads choose different directions for their rest and work. The Caribbean countries, for example, are actively developing the tourism industry and are ready to provide travelers with an excellent and unforgettable vacation.


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Source: bloomberg

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