Purchase A House And Obtain Citizenship And Passport Of Saint Kitts and Nevis

The Cabinet has approved the sale of private homes under the citizenship by investment program. This modification is included in St. Kitts and Nevis Statutory Rules and Orders (SR&O) No. 8 of 2021.


What houses can you buy?


All with an appraised value of more than USD 400,000.00


  • The property shall be owned by certificate of title, by the vendor

  • The value of the land shall not be included in determining the value of the home

  • A single-family home shall be sold as one unit and shall not be converted to apartments or condominiums or otherwise divided for sale under the Citizenship by Investment program

  • An apartment building or more than one apartment buildings on the same piece of island shall be sold as one unit and shall not be divided

  • The use of shares is prohibited


As for the appraised value, the value of house or building shall be independently appraised by a qualified appraiser, or supported by the copy of the tax appraisal that is no older than 6 months.


The investor will be able to resell real estate only after 5 years. The sold property does not qualify for use in a subsequent Citizenship by Investment application.


The offer is valid until November 1, 2022.


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