Portugal Golden Visas Reach High in Number of Approvals

In May of this year, Portugal approved 270 applications for Golden visas (this is 409% more than in April). If the country continues to show such numbers, then this year there will be more approvals for applications than in the previous one.

For the entire duration of the program, 8736 applications were approved. Investors were mainly from the following countries:

  1. China;

  2. Brazil;

  3. Turkey;

  4. South Africa;

  5. Russia.

For many investors, a Portugal Golden Visa is an ideal investment option. Thanks to this, the process of obtaining EU residency is accelerated. In addition, you can then obtain citizenship.

There are several options for obtaining a Golden Visa:

  1. One million euros of capital investment;

  2. The creation of ten jobs in Portugal;

  3. Purchase of real estate for 500,000 euros;

  4. Purchase of real estate in the amount of 350,000 euros in the urban regeneration zone or investment in a private equity fund.

As for the purchase of real estate, it should be noted that the amount can be divided into several objects.

Another argument for the Portugal Golden visa is the requirement to stay in the country for at least 35 days for 5 years (that is, about one week per year).

A few important rules:

  • All investments must come from abroad;

  • There should not be previous convictions;

  • If the investor wants to obtain citizenship, it will be necessary to pass a test for knowledge of the Portuguese language.