Portugal Allowed Citizenship By Birth

From 11 November 2020, children born to foreign parents (one of whom has resided legally or otherwise in Portugal for a year) will be eligible for Portuguese citizenship at birth.


Children born in Portugal to foreign parents could previously acquire citizenship by birthright, however, according to the old rules, one of the parents had to live in the country for two or more years. Under the new law, this period was reduced.


As for parents with a golden visa, they can also grant their child Portuguese citizenship, even if the minimum requirement of physical presence for 7 days is met. It is important that the parent has held a golden visa for at least a year.


“Portugal is also on track to become a United States E1 and E2 treaty country, a change to would score another major competitive advantage for the golden visa program. The AMIGOS Act, was last year passed in the House of Representatives, has been read twice by the Senate, and is currently with the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Should it pass the Senate, it will be sent to the President who may either veto or promulgate the bill. If and when the AMIGOS Act becomes law, Portuguese nationals would be permitted to live and run a business in the United States." - writes imidaily