Passports You Can't Buy With Money

We are convinced that passport, citizenship, and residence should be a matter of choice and not an accident of birth. There are different ways to obtain passport and citizenship. For example, through the citizenship by investment program that many countries offer to foreign investors. The advantages of such a program are that the investor makes direct investments in the country, which are directed to the development of the country, and in return receives a passport and all its benefits. However, there are a number of passports that cannot be purchased for money.




So, it is impossible to buy a diplomatic passport for money, as it comes with a job. A diplomatic passport is a type of travel document that helps dignitaries and government officials travel the world. These passports come with certain benefits, such as exemption from certain visa requirements or entry conditions.


Some professions also have their own types of passports. For example, royal postmen are issued special QMS (Queen's Messenger Service) passports. That is, official diplomatic couriers can cross the border with secret diplomatic materials.


Some international organizations also issue their own passports. For example, the "laissez-passer" travel document, which is issued to employees of various entities of the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, and the World Health Organization. Or passports of Interpol employees.


Some countries issue "special passports" which also give benefits to their holders.


As you can see, passports provide certain advantages, especially the advantages of moving around the world and crossing borders. If your current passport provides more restrictions than freedoms, then take a look at citizenship by investment programs. Making sure you have the right citizenships and residencies is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make for yourself and your family.

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