Panama Real Estate Prices Show Growth In Q2

Panama City has become an attractive area for foreigners to buy real estate. According to nuwireinvestor, since the opening of Panama, prices for top-tier buildings have risen by 5-7% (compared to the fourth quarter of 2020).

Buyers are starting to compete for properties as there are fewer high-quality resale homes for sale.

Sold-out luxury homes and new builds signal that investors are ready to buy homes with first-class amenities and prefer resort-style residences. They also want to have a Plan B because of the worries about changes in the global economy.

Investors view citizenship by investment programs as another Plan B. Additional freedom, unlimited travel, no need to stay in the country in many countries - and these are just some of the advantages that a second passport and citizenship give.

We firmly believe that your citizenship and place of residence should be a matter of choice, not an accident of birth. Making sure you have the right citizenship and residence permit is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make for yourself and your family.

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