Only Candidates With High Moral Standing Can Obtain Citizenship By Investment In Saint Kitts and Nevis

The Citizenship by Investment Program, which has been working since 1984, maintains its Platinum Standard brand. At a recent press conference, Prime Minister Timothy Harris said the country only accepts candidates with high moral standing.


Saint Kitts and Nevis offers foreign investors a safe and secure path to citizenship by investment in a Sustainable Growth Fund or real estate.


All candidates go through a rigorous vetting process that ensures that only those with a clear background are accepted as citizens, thereby protecting the reputation of the CBI Program.


In this regard, Prime Minister Harris said: “Our key priority is really to ensure that the good name of our country remains intact and that only the most discerning of persons become part of it […] People who can withstand the tests of the vigorous due diligence procedures that are in place with respect to our programme." He also stressed that citizens of any country can invest in Saint Kitts and Nevis CBI program, with the exception of those who come from Iran, North Korea, and Afghanistan.


“There are other reasons we will deny [granting citizenship]. For example, in St Kitts and Nevis, we have a regulation that says: if you have been refused a visa from a country that we have visa-free access to, then you will be refused by us,” said Les Khan, the CEO of St Kitts and Nevis' CBI Unit.


Source: prnewswire