Obtaining Citizenship Through Investment In Real Estate Will Contribute To The Development Of Dominica's Tourism

Last week there was a press briefing by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Tourism Minister Denise Charles provided an update on several properties currently under construction on the island.


According to the plan, the construction of Anichi Hotel & Spa and Tranquility Beach will be completed by December 2022. Further expansion of Jungle Bay and Secret Bay is planned.


In total, the construction cost of all seven residential complexes is $950 million, mainly through the Citizenship by Investment Program.


“An important activity which directly impacts growth and employment is the construction of accommodation facilities. These last construction projects have the potential of creating short term jobs during construction, for various skill sets and levels. Upon completion, long term employment is created for staffing these facilities in various fields. This is where Dominicans benefit the most as the livelihoods of so many are positively impacted,” said the Minister of Tourism.


As the tourism industry is the main engine of Dominica's economic growth, the government remains committed to expanding its offer in several ways.


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