New Prime Minister of Vanuatu

Recently, the new Prime Minister Bob Loughman, a member of Vanua'aku Pati, was elected to Vanuatu. In March 2013, after a change of government, he was appointed to Minister of Education.

Following a change of government in 2014, new Prime Minister Joe Natuman retained Loughman as Minister of Education. However, in 2015, he lost his post due to a change in the government of Natuman.

Since 2018, Bob Loughman has been the leader of the Vanua'aku Party.

Since April 20, 2020, Loughman has been Prime Minister of Vanuatu.

The first Prime Minister of Vanuatu since gaining independence in 1980-1991, Walter Lini was an independent Anulan priest. In an era when Vanuatu was a condominium run by the United Kingdom and France, Lini formed Vanua'aku Pati, which was mainly supported by English-speaking people. He became the chief minister of the colony in 1979 and rose to the post of prime minister after the independence of Vanuatu in 1980.

According to the statements of the country, despite difficult times, the processing of applications takes place in the previous model and is equally effective.