Nevis Resort provides weekly stays for free

Oualie Beach Resort would like to acknowledge the complex and amazing work done by the UK National Health Service against COVID-19. They offer free accommodation for a week to 20 worthy front line staff (+1).

“Many of our Resort’s clients are from the UK and we are saddened by the daily devastating news of loss of life and loss of livelihoods,” says John Yearwood, Managing Director of the Resort. “The courage of the frontline staff of the NHS in risking their own health to save lives is truly inspiring and deserves recognition”.

An eco-friendly boutique hotel located on the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Oualie Beach Resort is chosen by people who are looking for a relaxed and personalized vacation.

Despite the fact that there were only four cases of infection with the new virus on the island, the government closed its borders to prevent further spread.

“Once our borders re-open and quarantine restrictions on incoming travellers are lifted, we look forward to welcoming NHS staff for a free well-deserved vacation in the sun,” says Karen Peterson-Yearwood, Director of the Resort.

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