More Than 600,000 Residence Permits in Europe Have Been Granted To People From High-Risk Countries

Despite the fact that the pandemic has introduced its own changes in the way of life and plans, interest in residence permits in Europe is still at a high level.

The largest number of first residence permits (among EU countries) in 2020 was issued by:

  • Poland (598,000)

  • Germany (313,000)

  • Spain (321,000)

  • France (226,000)

  • Italy (106,000)

As for the grounds for obtaining a residence permit, they are as follows:

  • Employment (903,000 or 40%)

  • Family circumstances (621,000, or 28%)

  • Other reasons (475,000, or 21%)

  • Education (247,000, or 11%)

In 2020, most of the first residence permits issued in the EU were received by citizens of Ukraine (601,000 recipients, or 27% of the total). Next come the citizens of Morocco (123,000, or 5%) and India (79,000, or 4%).

More than half (56%) of all first residence permits issued in the EU in 2020 were issued to citizens of the top 10 countries.

“Some of the factors that may influence the destination chosen by citizens of non-EU countries granted residence permits include: geographical proximity (for example, a high number of Ukrainians sought residence in Poland, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. A high number of Moroccans sought residence in Spain); historical and linguistic links (for example, a high number of Venezuelans, Colombians, and Hondurans sought residence in Spain, a high number of Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians sought residence in France, and a high number of Brazilians, Angolans and Cape Verdeans sought residence in Portugal); or established migrant networks (for example, a high number of Turkish citizens sought residence in Germany),” writes eurostat.

A new residence permit may be the best decision you have made for yourself and your family.

A new residence permit in another country is:

  • Freedom

  • Flexibility

  • Safety

  • Security


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