More Families In The Commonwealth of Dominica Will Get Homes Thanks To The Citizenship by Investment Program

The “Housing Revolution” project is fully funded by the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program and aims to build thousands of new homes for middle-income families. Several dozen more families will receive the keys to their new home this week.

Parliament Secretary in the Ministry of Housing, Mr. Reginald Severin, provided more details on the Grand Bay housing units: “We see a situation where the individuals that now are benefitting from this housing come from our vulnerable groups. In Grand Bay we are assisting a hundred and thirty eight individuals; thirty homes, thirty families; and out of that 30 families, 138 individuals, we have counted that eighty children, that it is individuals under the age of 16, will be benefitting. So we are definitely addressing one vulnerable group in the Grand Bay area."

More than a thousand houses have already been built under this project thanks to the CBI. A foreign investor can obtain second citizenship and a passport by making a donation to the Economic Diversification Fund or by acquiring state-accredited real estate.