Montenegro Issued The First "Golden Passport" To A Russian Citizen

In 2018, Montenegro announced the launch of the Citizenship by Investment program, and in November 2019 it was launched. However, the process of obtaining a passport was suspended by the coronavirus crisis.

However, the other day, a citizen of Russia received the first passport through the Citizenship by Investment program. The investor was able to come to the country, submit biometric data, and obtain a passport as soon as the borders were opened.

In order to obtain Montenegro Citizenship by Investment, you must:

  • Invest in real estate in the north of the country (from €250,000);

  • Invest in real estate in the south, coastline and in Podgorica (from €450,000);

  • Additionally, make a contribution of €100,000.

All documents can be submitted remotely, but within a month after submitting and approving the application, the investor must come to the country to obtain the status of a permanent resident of Montenegro. And only after six months is citizenship granted.

It is important that upon obtaining Montenegrin citizenship you do not need to give up your original citizenship.

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