Montenegro Is Going To Attract Digital Nomads

After analyzing programs for digital nomads in other countries, Montenegro decided to launch its own next year.

According to the plan, the country plans to attract 250 digital nomads by 2023.

“Depending on the number of digital nomads living in the country, comparative practice shows that together they contribute to the country's budget and economy,” says the draft Program for attracting digital nomads to Montenegro until 2025.

Montenegro's neighbor Croatia has received about a thousand applications from 25 countries over several months of the program for attracting digital nomads. Therefore, the goal of 250 digital nomads can be achieved.

According to an international study, the digital nomad spends more than a third of their monthly income on living, food, and transportation, and this income usually stays within the destination where they live. Therefore, the country is ready to introduce a number of benefits (including tax ones) and new electronic services to regulate the status of nomads.

The Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media (MPA) has already identified three main pillars in the draft Program:

  • improving the regulatory framework;

  • increasing the availability of information and services for this category of citizens;

  • increasing recognition of Montenegro as an attractive destination for digital nomads.

The regulation of the status of digital nomads will be reflected in the Aliens Act.

While Montenegro is just considering this initiative, one is actively working and attracting a large number of foreigners. And this is the Citizenship by Investment Program of Montenegro. Until the end of the year, foreign investors have the opportunity to invest in Montenegro and obtain citizenship and a passport.


What is a Citizenship by Investment Program and what benefits does it provide to investors and their families? What are the pitfalls of this program? We have answered these and many other questions in our book!



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