Montenegro And Its Entry Into The European Union

The other day, at an intergovernmental conference in Brussels, Montenegro confirmed compliance with all membership criteria. For its part, the EU has proven that its doors are open to all countries that have made progress on this path.

From Montenegro, Mr. Bojan Šarkić, head of Mission of Montenegro to the EU, was present. He emphasized that the current stage is the most difficult and important.

“By opening this chapter, we have closed the challenging phase of negotiations after eight years, and our efforts in this area have been recognized,” the ambassador said. “This is a turning point and a success for our country, which is steadily moving towards EU membership and is not considering alternatives. There is no alternative to the European integration process and it is the only framework that guarantees the stability of the region, i.e. Europe." he continued.

Montenegrin Foreign Minister Srjan Darmanovich told the press that Montenegro has confirmed its foreign policy and that after membership in NATO, it will continue its full integration into the community of developed Western democracies.

“The future of Montenegro is in the EU and we are convinced that the process of European integration has transformational power that stimulates the overall development of the state and society,” the minister said.

Source: cdm

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