Malta Nomad Residency Visa

Residency Malta Agency recently introduced a new residence permit that suits third-country nationals: the digital nomad visa. Under this initiative, foreigners can work remotely and reside in Malta.




A prerequisite is keeping your current job in another country while living in Malta. To do this, the candidate needs to prove that (s)he can work online and meets one of the requirements:


  1. Working for an employer who is not registered in Malta and has an employment contract;

  2. Conducts commercial activities for a company registered in a foreign state of which the applicant is a partner or shareholder;

  3. Offers consulting services to clients whose permanent establishments are located in a country other than Malta and with whom the applicant has a contractual relationship.


The residence permit is issued for one year and can be renewed (at the discretion of the authorities). If the applicant wishes to stay in Malta for less than one year, then a national visa will be issued for a period of 91 to 180 days, depending on the intention of the length of stay.


To be eligible for a digital nomad visa, an applicant must:


  1. Receive an income of at least 2,700 euros;

  2. Have a valid travel document;

  3. Be in a rented or own property;

  4. Obtain medical insurance covering all risks in Malta.


Family members can also be added to the application, but then the main applicant must provide a document stating that (s)he earns 20% in excess of the required monthly income of 2,700 euros for each dependent indicated in the application.


Source: lexology

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