Malta is a country of people with a long healthy life

According to the latest Eurostat report in Malta, the largest number of people with long healthy lives in 2018 was recorded.

The expectancy of healthy years for women was 73.4 years, and men 71.9 years.

Only Sweden, where the average woman lives a healthy life to age 72 years old and men to 73.7 can compete with Malta.

At the bottom of the list is Latvia, where women on average reach the threshold of 53.7 years of healthy life and men 51 years of age.


The number of healthy years of life at birth was higher for women than for men in 19 EU Member States, and gender differences are generally small. In the five EU Member States, this gap was more than two years; Poland (+3.8 years), Bulgaria (+3.6 years), Lithuania (+2.8 years), Latvia (+2.7 years) and Estonia (+2.3 years).

In seven EU member states, the number of years of healthy life for women was lower than for men. The greatest differences were observed in the Netherlands (-3.9 years), Denmark (-3.4 years) and Finland (-3.1 years).