Malta Established Residency Malta Agency

Residency Malta Agency is a specially created agency by the Government of Malta to administer and implement the new Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP).


The agency has been renamed from the previous Malta Residency Visa Agency (MRVA) with a new incentive to act as a catalyst for eligible people looking to make Malta their place of residence.




What will the agency do?


  1. Administer the process of applications for the grant of residency under the Malta Permanent Residence Programme Regulations issued under the Immigration Act and all other required processes in order to implement the provisions of the Malta Permanent Residence Programme Regulations;

  2. Advise the Minister on all matters concerning the functions of the Agency;

  3. Perform due diligence checks on all applicants;

  4. Ensure that applicants satisfy all conditions and requirements of the Programme;

  5. Implement and maintain internal standard operating procedures;

  6. Issue residence-by-investment certificates and other administrative matters relating to applications by third-country nationals applying to stay or settle indefinitely in Malta or Gozo, including the general implementation and administration of the Programme for the grant of permanent residency rights on the basis of investment;

  7. Work and collaborate with the Identity Malta Agency with regards to the issuance of residence-by-investment permits; S.L. 13. 01.

  8. Work and collaborate with the competent authority with regards to agents duly licensed under the Commission Agents (Licences) Regulations;

  9. To order the cessation of the benefits conferred by residence by investment certificates


The Residency Malta Agency is the government agency responsible for the management and promotion of the Malta Residency by Investment Program. The agency has consistently made every effort to attract qualified individuals and families through a rigorous four-tiered due diligence process that ensures the most thorough due diligence. It is based on this ethic, coupled with transparency and integrity that the Agency approaches all its transactions.


With efficient customer service, the Agency team liaises with Licensed Agents to ensure the fastest and most seamless application processing that only the strictest due diligence will allow.


Source: The Regulations L.N. 136 of 2021: Residency Malta Agency (Establishment) Order, 2021 (L.N. 124 of 2021)

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