Malaysia's MM2H Program Is Temporarily Frozen

Malaysia's MM2H My Second Home program will be temporarily suspended to allow the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture to review the program since its inception in 2002.

"The MM2H program will be reviewed based on the criteria, conditions and incentives as well as comparative study to programmes equivalent to the MM2H Programme, such as Citizenship by Investment (CBI) or Residence by Investment (RBI)."

The decision to suspend the program was made along with the decision to ban foreigners from entering Malaysia due to the coronavirus.

During the revision of the program, the ministry will not be able to process any applications (new or already submitted).

"Therefore, foreigners who are still interested in participating in the MM2H Programme are welcome to reapply once the MM2H Programme is reactivated, but they must abide by the current requirements."

The ministry believes that all stakeholders will only benefit from the results of the program revision.

"Apart from that, foreigners are advised to pursue other visas offered by the Immigration Department which are deemed appropriate."

"MOTAC also hopes that all related parties can support the government's intention to improve the MM2H program so that the revised version is comparable to other similar programs internationally."

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