Kyrgyzstan Is Considering The Option Of Creating A Citizenship by Investment Program

Kyrgyzstan has proposed a program through which foreigners can obtain citizenship in exchange for investment. If the law is passed, Kyrgyzstan will become one of the first Central Asian countries to grant citizenship by investment.


The new bill proposes to allow foreign citizens to acquire citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic in a simplified manner by a one-time transfer of US$100,000 to a special account to accumulate funds to pay off the external debt of the Kyrgyz Republic.


At the moment, foreign citizens can obtain citizenship only if at the time of application they have resided continuously in the country for five years.


Article 22 of the Law on Citizenship allows dual citizenship for citizens of Kyrgyzstan if obtaining citizenship of another state does not contradict the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the legislation of a foreign state and there are any additional agreements (dual citizenship is not accepted from the state)


With a Kyrgyz passport, its holder has the opportunity to travel without a visa (or obtain a visa upon arrival) to 62 countries.