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Key Tips To Ease Your Business Life: Marshall Islands Corporations and Global Offshore Banking

What do you use to make your corporate life easier? What tools do you resort to? Which of these works?

What if we have some great ideas that will work, and that have already shown their effectiveness?

For starters, this is a bank that is managed by a group of Swiss and international financial services professionals with centuries-old pedigree, and that focuses on complex, large transactions where risk reduction does not interfere with efficiency.

The Marshall Islands are better known for registering ships and yachts. However, not many people know that through this jurisdiction, it is possible to facilitate corporate life, and choose the form of a company that will meet all needs.

  • What can the Marshall Islands offer that other jurisdictions cannot?

  • Why open a company there?

  • How good is the banking sector, and how does it function?

We will answer these questions and more online at our upcoming webinar! On July 16 at 4:00 p.m. (CEST), we will see you on the Zoom platform with NTL Trust professionals, as well as specially invited speakers from Migom Bank and IRI (International Registries, Inc.), whose affiliates provide administrative and technical support to the registries of the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) for maritime and corporate registries.

See you at the webinar!