Investment Programs for South African Citizens: Why Are They So Popular Now?

Investment programs have always attracted foreign citizens, as this is an opportunity to diversify their assets. Over the years, this goal has not changed, but on the contrary, has become even more popular.


Why are South African citizens so active in leaving the country?


First of all, South African investors care about their safety and the safety of their assets. The government is now considering introducing a bill of expropriation without compensation. And this bill could be introduced this year.


What happens if the bill will be passed?


Mass confiscation of land and an even more active outflow of the population will begin.


What steps are South African investors taking?


A number of countries in the Caribbean and Europe offer citizenship and residency programs by investment. That is, investors can choose a suitable program for themselves, depending on which criteria are most important. Already hundreds of South African investors have received citizenships, residencies, and passports. NTL Trust also helps South African investors acquire their cherished citizenship and passport.


What is better to choose: citizenship or residency?


Everyone, of course, makes a choice for him(her)self. We recommend reading articles on our website and contacting a professional to get advice and make the right choice.




Investors can obtain residency in Europe, for example through the Portugal Golden Visa program. With the help of this program, investors have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit. After a few years, they can even apply for citizenship and get a passport. For many South Africans, real estate investment looks very attractive.




However, the Caribbean countries do not lag behind the European ones and even surpass the number of applications filed. Foreign citizens also have the opportunity to invest in real estate, and when the country recognizes the investor as qualified, after passing all the checks, (s)he will receive citizenship and a passport.


What are the benefits of citizenship by investment?


Firstly, it is the ease of travel and the "blurring of boundaries." For many, this is an important indicator, because there will be no need to make visas. That is, time will no longer be wasted on frequent and multiple visa applications.


Second, it's always a great option for Plan B. If you need to leave the country urgently, then a second passport will help you to do so without any extra effort.


Third, many Caribbean countries are quick to process citizenship applications. That is, there will be no need to wait for approval for many years.


Fourth, the holder of a Caribbean passport and citizenship has the opportunity to live, work and study in the country.




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