How To Choose The Right Citizenship By Investment Agent

Citizenship by investment may seem like a complex process with lots of variables to consider. So choosing the right firm to handle your application is vital to ensure the process goes smoothly and efficiently.

To do so, however, you must consider the most important criteria to look for in your investment migration consultant of choice. At NTL Trust, we listen closely to our clients about their needs and collect their feedback to ensure we meet all their requirements and provide all our clients with a comprehensive service that ticks all their boxes. 

In our experience, there are five major things you need to consider in any immigration consultant in order for them to be able to handle your citizenship by investment application.

Certification and authorization

The most important thing to consider when choosing a firm is whether it is certified and legally allowed to handle your citizenship by investment case. 

Governments with Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIPs) have set lists of who can process, market, and consult investors on their CIP applications. 

By choosing a firm that is authorized to work a specific CIP, you can rest assured that they fall under governmental supervision and are able to communicate with the government on your behalf efficiently. It also means that the firm is regularly updated with changes to regulations and any significant news. 

Choosing a firm that isn't listed on a government's official page may result in a longer process, since the application will eventually reach an authorized agent who is not in the picture at the beginning, and may even result in rejection in case the firm itself is on a government blacklist. 

Intimate knowledge of the country

Gaining citizenship of another country, in essence, makes a person part of that country. Choosing a citizenship by investment program requires a lot of forethought and consultation, but selecting the country is an essential part of any choice. 

By understanding the overall geopolitical and economic statures of a country, NTL Trust provides in-depth consultation to our clients. We understand how their new citizenship, and by extension, their second home, can alter their lifestyle, whether it be obtaining freedom from a certain political regime, enhancing global travel to certain areas or countries, tearing down trade and economic obstacles, or otherwise, our familiarity with each country allows us to give insight into how to choose the best option, and how to utilize it optimally. 

By understanding each client's case, a knowledgeable consulting agency can advise on the best citizenship by investment program depending on which country will offer the greatest benefit to the investor. Firms that are not familiar with these countries, or the ones that have never even been to one, would fair poorly in doling out advice regarding each country's potential benefits. 

NTL Trust’s on-island experts have intimate knowledge of each country that can help applicants achieve the maximum benefit of their new citizenship. The boots-on-the-ground teams understand the political, economic, cultural, and lifestyle environment of each country and what it has to offer its new citizens, and they are able to answer any questions regarding life within the nation or how to conduct important activities such as opening bank accounts, registering for a tax number, issuing a drivers license, and more. 

Investment advisory

Citizenship by investment is made out of two major components; immigration and investment. Prioritizing the citizenship itself over the investment element still works, but it is financially awkward at best, and extremely costly at most. 

CIPs offer different investment options in differing economic environments, which means careful thought must be placed into which investment option is the best. Even in the same CIP, there are usually more than one investment option, meaning an investor needs to understand the investment opportunities and ramifications down the line.

At NTL Trust, we boast a formidable team of investment advisors that help us provide our clients with detailed information regarding each investment, its holding period, target ROI, arbitrage gain, liquidation strategy, and more. This way, we can provide our clients with the best of both worlds; getting a citizenship through an investment that actually profits them down the road. 

After landing and tax

Another important factor to keep in mind when searching for consultancy is their knowledge of local and global taxation. Getting a second citizenship can be a great way to alleviate a tax burden, especially if the investor hails from a high-tax country, but at the same time, simply getting a second passport doesn't do anything for your tax framework; it needs a bit of planning and work.

By choosing a firm with a robust network including a partner with in-depth knowledge of local and international tax policies, you can circumvent any situations in which your tax burden increases and instead set up a framework that lowers your tax responsibilities as much as possible.

This issue is extremely important at NTL Trust, as we believe that true freedom comes in both political and economic states, and we always set up our clients with top tier tax advisors that can create the best tax plan for all of our citizenship by investment clients. 

An emphatic approach

While this is a qualitative variable, and one that can usually be overlooked, it is critical to ensure the process goes smoothly.

By finding a firm that actually listens to your needs and objectives while carefully considering your budget and trying to provide you with the best solutions within it for you and your family, you can get the most out of your investment. A firm that cares will work hard to get you the best possible options out there, while one that only cares about the next sale will undoubtedly look to offload your case as soon as possible.

At NTL Trust we aim to create a lasting impression and strong relationships with our clients, and their comments and feedback are what we use to constay provide the best service in the market. By understanding our clients' needs and limitations, we can create custom solutions for them that tick all the boxes and provide them with long-term benefits. 

No need to look further than NTL Trust

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, capable, and emphatic firm based in the Caribbean with a strong British heritage to handle your citizenship by investment program, all you need to do is contact us today.

NTL Trust continues to set the standard of excellence within the citizenship by investment industry since 1994, and our team of veteran consultants comes from diverse backgrounds and expertise to ensure we provide you with a holistic solution that benefits you and your family perpetually. So contact us today to book a free, comprehensive consultation with one of our experts.