Hollywood Will Shoot A New Film On The Island Of Nevis

The new comedy feature film "One Year Off" will be filmed on the safe island of Nevis. It was chosen by the producers as a safe haven for filming during the coronavirus pandemic.


Under the leadership of Prime Minister Timothy Harris, strict COVID-19 regulations for the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis have helped the islands to become a safe COVID-19 zone.


The star cast and film crew (about 50 people) have already arrived on the island.


Filming is a great opportunity for the country to create additional jobs for local residents. The manufacturing company is expected to contribute about $1 million to the national economy every four months.


Among other things, an educational program will be created on the island to train the local population in various roles on the set. This will help the island's industrial infrastructure to develop. It is also planned to create an acting academy on the island.


“In a world now beset with the COVID-19 pandemic, Nevis continues to be one of the safest places in the world with very few cases, no community spread and to date no COVID related deaths,” said honorable Mark Brantley.


"As you travel our beautiful island, you will be struck by our authenticity, rooted in our flourishing culture and exemplified by our warm, genuine people," said the Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Lindsay Grant. The minister also noted that the dual island nation has a strong infrastructure that can harness modern business opportunities, such as an airport that can handle the largest planes from North America and daily FedEx service.


"One Year Off" is an interesting film about a family that puts off their usual life and begins to travel the globe and explore the world.



Source: prnewswire

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