Grenada Has Every Chance Of Making 2020 A Record Year

489 people received citizenship in the first half of 2020 because of the investments in the country. In total, during this time, the country received more than 40.1 million US dollars. This is the best result for Grenada in the first half of the year compared to previous years. If the country continues at the same pace, then 2020 could be the fourth record year in a row.

As for investment options, since 2016 the percentage of investors interested in real estate is higher than in the National Transformation Fund (NFT):

2014: NTF - 1.2 million USD, Real estate: 2.25 million USD

2015: NTF - 4 million USD, Real estate: 20.48 million USD

2016: NTF - 5.4 million USD, Real estate: 9.24 million USD

2017: NTF - 26.77 million USD, Real estate: 14.99 million USD

2018: NTF - 34.32 million USD, Real estate: 18.19 million USD

2019: NTF - 31.77 million USD, Real estate: 26.77 million USD

As for 2020, the amount from investments in the Fund reached 17.02 million USD, and income from investments in real estate amounted to 20.35 million USD.

The government of Grenada quickly reacted to the pandemic and in March 2020 informed that applications will continue to be accepted, but only online.