Grenada became the first in the list of countries providing Citizenship by Investment program

According to a study by Best Citizenships (BS), Grenada became No. 1 among countries offering Citizenship by Investment program for 2020.

To accrue and distribute points, 31 indicators were analyzed. Among all the other ratings, this one is different in that the BS model made an in-depth analysis of Citizenship by Investment programs, taking into account the expectations and opinions of customers.

Grenada got first place due to the low cost of citizenship, an E-2 visa and an agreement between Russia and China.

Second place in the ranking was given to Cyprus. Montenegro is located on the third, and Turkey on the fourth thanks to the investment program and a large GDP of 2.3 trillion dollars.

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Ranking Factors

  • Price

  • The possibility of investing in real estate

  • Security and crime rate

  • The number of countries that can be entered without a visa by passport (USA, UK, Schengen zone, China, Russia, Canada)

  • Time to get a passport

  • Accommodations

  • EU citizenship

  • Visa E-2

  • Due diligence

  • Confidentiality - Disclosure of CBI Names to the Public

  • GDP in billions of dollars

  • GDP per capita

  • Education Assessment

  • Medicine

  • Human Development Rating

  • State debt

  • Personal income tax

  • Currency strength

  • Transparency

  • Passport validity

  • Availability of biometric / electronic passports

  • Personal visit

  • Revoked citizenship

  • Lifetime Citizenship



Full report is available here.